lasagna gardening

Lasagna gardening in process

The unusually warm spring weather gave me a chance to get outside and do the yard work I did not do last fall. We have a large oak tree and a few maple trees so I had a HUGE pile of leaves. I used some of the leaves in the compost and anticipated having to bag the rest up for the town to pick up.

But NO. I was delighted/thrilled/amazed to learn that I can use all these leaves and MORE to create new beds for my much anticipated fruit trees and bushes. So, IĀ  began with a horrendous back corner. I say horrendous not because there is really anything wrong with wild spaces BUT I had buckthorn and bittersweet galore. Left there they would have choked out the entire back corner. I love the bittersweet in the fall and so I had ignored it for a couple of years. But our yard really is not big enough for such a plant.

This project has been days in the works. First cutting back all the brush.

Then there was the incident with the sick skunk who decided to spend it’s last night on earth in this same space. So I left things along for a while and came back to put a layers of: cardboard or newspaper, bloodmeal, ALL THOSE LEAVES, compost. It was at this point when I realized how much compost I would need. This is more than a “buy a few bags at my local garden supply shop” kind of thing. This is a “have my friendĀ  help me obtain 2 cubic yards from the local recycling/compost facility” kind of thing.

Of course I always require the help of my trusty dog!