Edible Landscaping

For 2012 I have dedicated myself to working in my yard and creating an organic, home orchard using the ideas I am learning about permaculture. I am starting with the Small Home Orchard collection from Fedco Trees in Maine. I also placed an order from Edible Landscaping.

I am planting dwarf cherry trees, dwarf apple trees, blueberries, honey berries, elderberries, raspberries, grapes, red currants, nanking cherries, winterberry, and maypops (passionflower.)

Our yard is approximately 1/4 of an acre. It’s in Zone 5, in a hilly, suburban neighborhood that was once farmland. Before that, who knows. We sit about a mile from the Mohawk River. It is also a place filled with lots of streams and underground springs. Sewer issues and flooded basements are the bane of many homeowners in this town.

Our house has never flooded.  It sits uphill from a small stream that runs through a culvert. Part of the backyard gets very wet when we have a lot of rain.

Our lot is also a corner lot with surrounded by professionally maintained landscaped homes. I grew up in a do it yourself family when it came to yardwork.

So my goal is to start to create landscaping that is beautiful and edible. It will probably feed some of the deer and rabbits and skunks that pass thru. Hopefully it will feed my family of four as well.



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