About Biking Home

Biking Home is a metaphor for me. I do serve on two town committees and  work at encouraging my town to be more bikeable and walkable, literally. Someday, maybe even chicken-friendly…

But, I have been a long-time member of a CSA. I study, grow and create with herbs. I attempt vegetable gardening. Next up, I am looking to understand permaculture concepts better and create an edible landscape in my suburban yard with apple trees and cherry trees and blueberries and honey berries.

Biking home always makes me think of moving slowly and deliberately which is challenging in this world right now. Creating this on this interweb allows me to realize I am not doing this alone. I work full time as a religious educator at a Unitarian Universalist church. I love my work. I am married and have two children. I am a fair-weather biker.

So this blog is mostly for me to record it all in one place. It’s a diary for me to keep track of the ways I try and live more mindfully each day. I can’t seem to keep track of the too many journals I own. That recipe, or DIY instructions, or recent musings on sustainability and contemplative practices , aren’t where I can locate them when I want them. So they can all be here as one thing instead of six. And if this cloud we create in disappears one day, so be it.


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