Month: February 2014

Winter in the Northeast

It is winter’s like this where I practice reminding myself that  I get to grow and enjoy the plants we have BECAUSE it snows and gets really, really cold. For 2014 I am continuing to re-landscape our home with edible plants. Winter gives me an opportunity to look differently at the land around me.


Puget Gold apricot tree. Planted in the spring 2013 and it grew!


Southwest corner of the yard, looking up.


Southern side of house. Big maple trees provide summer shade, winter sun. Haven’t quite figured out what to do here. Very underutilized.


Northern side and area of most experimentation with permaculture concepts. Of course, southside would be better. But this area is not on view as much and I feel more free to experiment. Just about where Luna stands I am hoping to build an archway this summer.


Another view of north side yard. Echinacea left for birds to enjoy. Hoops are over blueberry bushes.


New garden window. I can keep herbs close and growing year round! Inside, thyme, lemon verbena, bay.


Passionflower overwintering. Last summer it grew like crazy up the deck railing and into the sugar maple. I have had very little luck with getting it to bloom though.