Month: June 2012

Late spring garden

I have spent every free moment I can working outside this spring. I harvested and ate broccoli, delicious, but with heads so small I appreciate even more my CSA! My sugar snap peas are just now fruiting and have grown above the fencing I put up for them.

Red currant, jostaberry, red currant bushes

I planted red currant bushes, a black currant bush, jostaberry; siting them in areas of part shade.

Black currant bush

I am experimenting with Iroquois Cantaloupe from Hudson Valley Seeds and Marketmore 76 slicing cucumber from Fedco Seeds. I realized I had all this space in front of my still small but growing ELDERBERY bushes! I plantedĀ  melon and cucumber in front. They sprouted and are just getting their true leaves! I planted sunflowers in between the elderberry bushes which, if the birds have not already eaten all the seeds, might just grow…

I started tomatoes: Yellow Pear cherry, Amish paste, Goldie and Black Krim. All from Hudson Valley Seed Library. AND I LOST MY GARDEN NOTEBOOK!!! So I do not know which tomatoes are which. Most are all in various large sized pots, some are in the ground.

I bought pepper plants, just a few… Sprouted Kentucky Wonder Pole beans.

I have taken creative license with my yard. Planting where I find sun. Mulching like crazy with the three yards I mulch I had delivered from our local compost facility. Now, if I could just find that darn notebook….