Home Grown Community

So I have been obsessed  this winter reading every  urban/suburban farming book I can get my hand on. I am in the process of preparing some of my own suburban plot  to be an edible landscape with fruit and berries bushes and trees. This is what I have been  photographing and will be focusing on in the coming days.

I LOVE THIS LOCAL COMMUNITY I am watching grow up around me in the little corner of the world. I love realizing that these things I have felt alone in pursuing, and probably have not pursued half as well alone, are in fact  being done by all these people around me whom I have yet to meet but I am learning about through their blogs.

I read about making maple syrup this morning and realized the writer lived in a nearby city. A CITY, not a vast expanse of land filled with maple trees!



  1. thanks for the ping back on my maple syrup posts. Besides tapping other people’s trees we also garden in other people’s yards, so you might want to check out some of my posts on what we call community sharecropping or look at Heather’s lovely post on From Scratch Club on her suburban garden or on Liz’s posts on raising chickens in her back yard. And I will look forward to seeing what you write about your experience.

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