Just Dreaming

I am so excited after our town’s Safe Routes committee meeting tonight! We had a new town resident come who works for a company on mapping and open source software. He had some of the same suggestions that I had been thinking/dreaming about for using open source technology to communicate with the group and get maps created and out..EXCEPT.. he knows how to do it! AND the company he works for was started by Mark Gorton, someone I have read about and who has been hugely influential in NYC’s move towards more complete streets.

I also biked to the meeting, which people always make a big deal about. But if I bike no where else, I need to at least do this. One other member biked and his trip was much more impressive because it’s farther, while mine was relatively short. Seriously, by bike it’s just under 1 mile. Like many of our daily trips. Biking does not have to be a big deal; it can be easy and feel good.

So my other dream, is a commuter bike. Something that comes with fenders, a chain guard, generator lights. (I just road home from my meeting tonight with an not bright enough for me head light) Something I can bike to work in wearing a skirt. After doing mostly online research, my dream, which is potentially in reach because it’s under $1000 is this…

It’s a Breezer Uptown 7. The closest store that sells them is 73 miles away, but I am thinking about driving there to test ride one anyway.

I have been checking local bikes shops and am looking at a Trek 7300 WSD or a Specialized Ariel. But both would need lots of stuff added and bring their total cost up to the Breezer. Breezers seem to have a really good reputation. And, I know I need to try them out anyway and see which one really feels like it fits.


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