My daughter and I made it out to take a nice bike ride around the neighborhood on Saturday. We managed to get out before it snowed AGAIN TODAY..

(I can not believe it’s the first day of spring.) But, I showed my  daughter how to pump up her bike tires. She found this thrilling only when she realized how much faster she could go on tires that had the right amount of air in them.

My daughter loves her bike, it has gears. We bought it at a local bike shop and were able to trade in the one that was too small for her. I don’t love my bike which I bought at the same store. It’s just not that comfortable to ride. Maybe too far a reach? I don’t know. I do know my foot kicks my panniers off which makes me crazy and means I ride with my foot in the middle of the pedal, ridiculous.  It also means I don’t really ride to work with my laptop in my bag either.


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