Commuter biking or, my “AH HAH” moment

Part of why I started this blog what what I would call either a “duh” or “ah  hah” moment. Ah hah probably sounds nicer.

I lived in Tucson for 9 years. I loved Tucson and I biked to my classes at the University of Arizona. Then I biked to my job at the Food Conspiracy Co-op. I biked to work through my whole pregnancy. When my son was born we biked to La Leche League meetings and to friends’ houses. I had an awesome Burley trailer that a friend loaned me and my son rode in while I pedaled. They were good times. I was also in the best shape I have ever been in. I know Tucson more by bike than I do by car.

It’s now 13 years later and we are very settled in upstate New York. And, I am not in the best shape as I live in these middle-age years…I still remember the first time I took my son in his trailer to a nearby park. THE HILLS!! I realized how flat Tucson was that day.

Since then I have biked some and mostly in the summer. And I miss it. So I recommitted myself to biking and this year will start biking in March, 2011. (I am still slightly wimpy about cold and afraid of ice.)

We have an awesome bike path nearby which I have often biked and walk on all seasons. What I figured out was that that was not what I was as concerned about. I want more bike racks in town. I want to bike to Upper Union street and have a bike rack to lock my bike too. Currently there are zero. I want to encourage commuter biking and do more of it myself.

It was an AH HAH moment for me because I have felt guilty for my lack of participation as a “Niskayuna Bike-Hike  Path trail ambassador”. When I ride, I ride to work or on an errand. I don’t ride on the bike path as much I bike to work and home.

What I have recently learned, is that there’s a whole world of people who bike to work. There are even all kinds of  different styles of bikes where you can sit more upright, wear nice working clothes, and have the chain covered.  AH HAH!!!



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