Month: January 2011

The time is NOW

I am a fair weather bike commuter. I want the area where I live to be more bike- friendly and I want to bike more. So I am starting this blog to encourage just that in myself and our town. Really, the time is NOW.

The idea of commuter biking is not radical. The benefits are well documented. We need people to do it and we need people to work at a political level to encourage it.

I spent the morning researching the online biking community in my little corner of the world. There are things happening. There even seems to be money for grants to make more happen. We/I need to step up and do it.

I can spend lots of time just in my head. And I can start things and not complete them. This year, my only wish is to complete what I have started. I got involved in a town committee called Safe Routes a number of years ago. But I also took on a full time job that left my slightly overwhelmed and with a huge learning curve to boot. (Not to mention two kids and a hubby that I like spending time with)

I love biking. I love how life slows down and even if I am heading for a meeting I am not so excited about, I still feel good when I get there.